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In Social Media, Nets a Mixed Picture

The Nets are near the bottom of NBA attendance and at the bottom of TV ratings. But their promotion of social media has put them a bit higher, particularly in terms of Twitter followers. A Sports Business Journal survey ranks the Nets 16th in the NBA in Twitter audience, 23rd in Facebook and 21st overall.

According to SBJ, the Nets have 38.782 Twitter followers and 102,223 Facebook "likes" for a total of 142,005. Four playoff teams had less: the Hawks, Pacers, Grizzlies and Hornets. Among New York teams, the Nets' Twitter audience ranks behind only the Yankees, Jets and Knicks, but in Facebook "likes", the Nets rank behind every New York team but the Islanders. (SBJ did not rank MLS teams.)

Who's the leader? The Lakers, not surprisingly, have a combined audience of nearly 9.6 million. Worldwide, F.C. Barcelona has a combined audience or 13.5 million. Seven of the top eight teams in social media are European soccer teams, the Lakers being the lone exception.