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Yormark: Name Decision in a "Month or Two"; Nets Would "Love To Have Islanders" Play "Couple of Games"

In an interview with FOX Business Network, Brett Yormark says that he "likes" the Brooklyn Nets name and that it is the "working title" for the team, but nothing is set but he expects a final announcement "in the next month or two".

With regard to bringing the Islanders to the Barclays Center, Yormark was non-committal but said the Nets "were having a lot of different discussions." He did say "We would love to have the Islanders play a couple of games at the Barclays Center", suggesting Long Island fans could travel easily to Brooklyn on the Long Island Railroad "which comes to the foot of our arena". Nets officials have previously said that the layout of the arena would limit capacity for NHL games to 14,000, which the league is unlikely to approve on any long term basis.