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D-Will's Agent: "The Best Is Yet to Come for the Franchise"

We've heard for two months from Deron Williams himself, and all of it positive. We've heard from his best friend on hopes for the future. Now, we hear from the man who will be negotiating with the Nets about D-Will's next contract: his agent. If anything, he is even more positive about D-Will sticking around after next season...and deep into Brooklyn's future.

"He is certainly enjoying his time with the organization," Bob McClaren, Williams’s agent, said in a telephone interview with the Times. "They’ve been tremendous to him and they have a great plan for the future, and Deron feels like the best is yet to come for the franchise.  His hope is everything will work out to everyone’s benefit and a great product will be put out to the fans."

McLaren added that Williams "has told me several times how excited he is and how they’re trying to reach this whole new market and trying to retain some of the past...I know Deron is hopeful all this can work out like everyone is hoping and planning. I think he wants to be a part of it."