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Arena Practice Court Taking Shape

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

The Nets' practice court at Baller's Paradise --uh, Barclays Center-- has begun to take shape. The latest imagery of the site, taken Friday, shows steel being erected in the corner of the arena where the the practice court will be located. It can be seen in the lower center of the imagery above. Steel went up this week.

The court, which will also be sponsored by Barclays, is regulation size and will be connected via a corridor to the Nets' "basketball operations campus", a/k/a the home team's locker room.  It will be visible from Atlantic Avenue as well as from the Jones Soda Shoppe, VIP Entrance Lobby and Courtside Club inside. Like the locker room down the hall, the facility will be state-of-the-art.

In addition to starting work on the practice court, workers are also installing refrigeration piping this week for the arena ice rink. The rink will be used for both ice shows and college hockey games. Because hockey pads are so much larger than basketball courts, the arena will be too small for NHL games.