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Ford: Most Top Picks Decline Invites to Pre-Draft Workout Next Weekend

Chad Ford has the list of players who have been offered --and accepted-- invitations to next weekend's workout at PNY Center...and it's even more underwhelming than the Draft. The workout, which all 30 NBA teams will attend, was set up to help GM's and players alike. College underclassmen have until May 8 to decide whether to go back to school or lose their eligibility. It's an early deadline.

According to Ford, only a handful of first round picks, Reggie Jackson, Tyler Honeycutt, Darius Morris and Scotty Hopson, have agreed to attend. Why? Agents. "They want to control the process, minimize the risk of injury (the workouts will include a 5-on-5 element) and are likely worried that their clients aren't in peak physical shape yet".

The Nets and other NBA teams can set up or attend individual workouts for early entrants, starting Friday.