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Let the Dwight Howard Rumors Begin! Oh, Never Mind, They Already Have

It started moments after the Magic lost ignominiously to the Hawks, with a series of tweets led by those of Matt Mitnick, Deron Williams' long-time best friend and personal assistant. We are officially in the Dwight Howard version of the 'Melo-Drama.

"With magic and dwight eliminated is that good for the NETS?" Mitnick began, followed by "I hope orlando decides to rebuild". Then, after claiming "I don't speak on behalf of anyone but myself", he added, " I want to see Dwill and Dwight play together!"  It didn't end there either. "Would be a beastie duo and would contend for a chip!", he opined. Later, there was even more: "wings would come running to play with Dwight and D will I would think but could be wrong." And after a Net fan tweeted his hope that Billy King can get Howard, Mitnick replied, "If anyone can its billy."

In his chat Friday, Ric Bucher guessed at the odds Howard would join Williams. "Twenty-five percent? For me, it's the move that makes the most sense for Dwight. But there are a lot of moving parts that have to come together to make it happen."  After Thursdayy's loss, Howard said all the right things about coming back and working hard and winning for Orlando, then abruptly walked out of an exit interview Friday when asked about staying in Orlando.