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Improve the Wings, Hope for Best

The Nets, like all 30 NBA teams, will have to wait till the new collective bargaining agreement is negotiated before figuring out what to do with their free agent dollars and trade assets. Until then, it's about drafting smart and planning for opportunities that might arise. That's not stopping pundits (and NBA execs) from offering their thoughts.

Kyle Stack of amNewYork spoke with two NBA executives, one a GM, about what the Nets need to do. First order of business: improve the wings which is no revelation to Nets fans. Big question on the current roster: what to do about Kris Humphries, the Nets first double-double performer since 1998. Even if you might need someone better to get a ring, you've to sign him, said the GM. But the other official warns, "He seems like one of those guys that when his contract is reasonable, he plays well ... but if he gets good money, then things go south," the official wrote Stack. "We'll see."