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In Mock Drafts, Familiar Names

The Nets have already developed a list of draft prospects and Billy King was quite clear last week that the Nets will be drafting the best player available at #27 and #36 (and hinted he's not that interested in making a trade despite his Draft Day record of wheeling and dealing). The Nets list of course is secret but what do the draftniks think?

We reviewed the usual suspects in the mock draft lineup and while there's no consensus, some names keep popping up in the Nets' slots as the mocks get updated. Among them: 6'9" SF Kyle Singler of Duke, reportedly a King favorite; 6'8" SF Tobias Harris of Tennessee; 6'11" PF/C Jeremy Tyler, the high school dropout who played in Japan; 6'2" SG Josh Selby of Kansas and 6'10" PF/SF Nikola Vucevic of Montenegro and USC. Do the draftniks know something? This early, it's doubtful.

The Nets will get a close up look at a number of them two weeks from this weekend when 40 prospects descend on the PNY Center for a mass workout that's sponsored by the Nets, Knicks and Rockets and hosted by the Nets. Maybe it's a good omen that the biggest workout, the draft lottery and the draft itself will all be held in New Jersey this year: in East Rutherford, Secaucus and Newark.