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Trolling the 'Net for Arena Designs

Barclays Center
Barclays Center

Trolling the Internet this week, we found some interesting architect's renderings of Barclays Center in the web's nooks and crannies. Most haven't been officially released yet, but if you know where to look...

Most interesting are the arena's entrances, the main entrance, sponsored by ADT, will be the one most fans will see first coming out of the Transit Connection. Note the view into the arena at the end of the hall.  The Emblem Health Entrances located on Atlantic Avenue and Dean Street are a little less dramatic but will have a glass wall looking out on to the street. The VIP Entrance is more dramatic, complete with chandeliers. It's unsponsored so far. 

We also found a small image of what a typical section entrance will look like on the main concourse...and updated views of suite interiors and how the arena will look for concerts.