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Nets May Not Move Up in Draft

Fran Fraschilla, the former St. John's coach turned ESPN drafnik, tweeted Thursday about what he sees, or better put, what he doesn't see in this year's draft..."Watching tons of tape right now and every potential Top 5 NBA selection has significant flaws. Not an NBA game-changer in group, IMO."

Similarly, Jonathan Givony, who runs Draft Express, tweeted Wednesday that the draft isn't deep either..."This is turning into one of the shallowest drafts ever. I'm really struggling at this point to find guys for the bottom of the top-100."

It's a recurring story. The 2010 Draft is shaping up to be one of the worst in decades, made worse by the number of players who dropped out late, perhaps afraid of a long lockout. The question is, if you are deep in the first round like the Nets, what do you do?

While the Nets, now at #27, were thought to be ready to move up, the latest is that it may not be worth spending $3 million of Mikhail Prokhorov's cash to buy a pick, then combine it with the Laker pick (and perhaps more cash) to go higher. And as one insider noted, what team out there is willing to accept two picks and the guaranteed contracts that come with them in a poor draft?  Might be better sticking where you are.


On Wednesday, King hinted the Nets aren't looking beyond what they have. "So I think every draft we look at back at it and say wow this guy got overlooked. Tony Parker was 29. Gilbert Arenas went in the second round. So you’re always going to find guys. Just because there’s no marquee name, if you do your work you’ll find guys.”