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Could the Brooklyn Nets Become "The Coolest Thing Ever in Sports"?

The Los Angeles Dodgers got all dressed up in retro Brooklyn Dodgers uniforms Thursday (though the Ebbets Field version never wore anything powder blue). Ironically, Major League Baseball took control of the team Thursday: The current owners' messy divorce has paralyzed the Dodgers' baseball operations.

Tom Van Riper, who follows the business of sports for Forbes and annually estimates values of professional teams, has a tongue-in-cheek (we think) proposal for Bud Selig: dissolve the Madoff-poisoned Mets, build a new stadium next to Barclays Center and move the Dodgers back to Brooklyn. His reasoning, among other things: "When the New Jersey Nets finally move in, fans are going to see the NBA in Brooklyn as the coolest thing that’s ever happened in sports."