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King Goal is Playoffs Next Season; Lopez To Undergo Arm Surgery

Billy King had his end-of-season get-together with beat reporters Wednesday and pronounced that the organization's goal is to make it to the playoffs in the team's last season in New Jersey.  With everyone recovered from surgeries and injuries and some new faces--he didn't say who, King expects the Nets to be an improved squad.

He said he wasn't surprised by what Deron Williams said last week about wanting to stay with the Nets. "He said his druthers is to be here and our goal is to be in the playoffs next year and move in that direction," King said. "He’ll know if we’re moving in that direction. We all will. I’m not sitting here feeling like I have an hour-glass here and it’s ticking."

One additional surgery the Nets will have to recover from: Brook Lopez will have "minor surgery" on his arm to remove a calcium deposit that caused him pain throughout the season.  King reiterated Avery Johnson's position that re-signing Kris Humphries is "a high priority" but said that all free agent signings --including Humphries and Sasha Vujacic-- will depend on what they want and what the Nets will want to pay under the new CBA. 

As for Travis Outlaw and Johan Petro, the off-season's two most maligned signings, King said both (as well as Devin Harris) showed up out of shape last fall.