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Retaining Brandan Wright?

Brandan Wright is still all about potential at age 23. Before joining the Nets, he had played 98 games in three years, missing all of last season with a separated shoulder. With Kris Humphries down, and Johan Petro out, Wright got a chance vs. the Sixers and finished with 15 points and 11 rebounds, among his best games as a pro.

But will the Nets keep him?  They like his potential, his youth, his skills but worry about whether some of his lack of production is the result of a lack of development.  As one insider noted, he's pretty much the same player he was when he was drafted at #8 in 2007, ahead of Joakim Noah, among others. Who's fault is that? His? The Warriors?

He says he'd like to stay, but at how what price and how many minutes can he expect?. The Nets could (but won't) sign him to a one year qualifying offer at $4.6 million for next season or they could extend him after July 1.  Problem is that until they extend him, he carries a $10.2 million cap hold that prevents them from getting serious about other free agents. They'll want to renounce that ASAP. If they want him back and he continues to want to stay, It's likely to happen at the end of free agency, whenever that is...and if at all.