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Nets Near Bottom of 2012 Salaries

No one knows what the salary cap will look like until after a new CBA gets done, but one thing is certain: it's better to have less salary on your books than more. In that regard, the Nets rank third, behind the Kings and Pacers, in lowest payroll commitment with only Deron Williams and Travis Outlaw making more than $4 million.

Based on an analysis of the three most popular (and most accurate) salary lists, on ShamSports, Storytellers and Hoopshype, The Nets have about $39.8 million commited next season, which is behind only the Kings, at $28.1 million, and the Pacers, at $36.1 million. The Wizards are close at $40.9 million. (The Grizzlies were in the mix as well before they agreed to sign Zach Randolph this weekend.)

The three sites differ slightly in which contracts they count but all are in the same ball park. All four teams have 10 players with contracts, options or qualifying offers, not all of which will be exercised.