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As 2012 Draft Strengthens, Nets One of Three Teams with Multiple Picks

Monday morning, Harrison Barnes became the latest college prospect to say he's headed back to school in September.  With Jared Sullinger, John Henson, Perry Jones and others postponing the start of their NBA careers, pundits are looking at the increasingly strong 2012 draft to see who has multiple picks.

So far, the Nets are one of only three teams that have two picks.  The Bulls and Celtics also have two. In each case, the teams have their own pick and a protected pick from another team.  The Nets have their own pick and the Rockets pick (protected 1-14) from the Terrence Williams trade; the Bulls have their own pick and the Bobcats' pick (protected 1-14) from the Tyrus Thomas trade; while the Celtics have their own pick and either the Thunder's or the Clippers' pick (protected 1-10) from the Kendrick Perkins trade.

While the Clippers own pick is likely to be sent to the Celtics, the Clippers may have the top traded pick, the Timberwolves' unprotected first round pick.  The Knicks have no pick unless they collapse next season and wind up with a top five pick. They sent it to the Rockets in one of their cap-clearing moves.  The Nets also have the Heat second round pick in 2012.