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Getting Inside: Wright, Vujacic, West May Be Back Next Season

Sports Xchange writes up daily "Getting Inside" reports for all 30 NBA teams, the ones we post in our game previews.  On Sunday, they added their thoughts on the season just concluded and the one that'll begin sometime in the future. While their take is similar to others, there are differences, particularly on who might return.

Among them: Deron Williams, who averaged 15 and 13 on a bum wrist, said the Nets should be better next year simply because he wasn't familiar with the system, causing "a lot of miscommunications"; the Nets haven't quite given up on Brandan Wright who could be back "at the right price" because "he’s young and athletic"; same holds true for Sasha Vujacic, depending on "how the Nets upgrade the small forward".

And while Dan Gadzuric, Ben Uzoh and Stephen Graham "are gone", Mario West "might get to training camp and have a shot".