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"Bound for Brooklyn", Deron Williams Updates His Official Website

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

It's not a big deal now to say Deron Williams has bought into the Nets' future. He said so on Thursday as players cleaned out their lockers before heading home.  In fact, if anyone in the media had followed his website, they wouldn't have been surprised by his comments. From Day 1, has embraced the idea of D-Will as Net.

This week, Williams upgraded his site again, and this time, he wasn't buying into the Nets. He was buying into Brooklyn and his role in the Nets' transition to Barclays Center.  Clicking through a splash screen showing him hitting the winning jumper vs. Minnesota, the site goes to its home page, a replication of the Nets' Times Square billboard, showing Williams superimposed over the Brooklyn Bridge and the words, "#8 Deron Williams and the Nets, Bound for Brooklyn."