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Avery: Nets Will Rely on Five Players Going Forward

In an interview with WFAN, Avery Johnson mentioned five current players he expects the Nets to build around...and they matched five Al Iannazzone named as keepers in his end-of-the-season blog: Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, Anthony Morrow and (surprise) Damion James

Johnson called Williams "No. 1" on the roster and Lopez "No. 1A" and expressed optimism the Nets could re-sign Humphries.  Iannazzone blogged that four other Nets could stay: Jordan Farmar, Sundiata Gaines, Johan Petro and Travis Outlaw because "The Nets may be stuck with him."

Johnson again said nice things about Thaddeus Young, who he called "one of the most under appreciated players on the 76ers". Young is a restricted free agent.