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Chitter, Chatter on Howard Matter

Ric Bucher and Alex Kennedy took questions on Dwight Howard's future and provided very different answers, with Bucher suggesting that the Nets are on Howard's short list and could be traded this summer or early next year and Kennedy completely dismissing the possibility. Both did say Howard likes the Lakers the best.

Bucher was asked two questions about Howard. In one answer he responded, "from all I hear, Dwight is looking at LA or NJ. Nothing in between."  In reply to another, Bucher answered, "I would expect a Dwight trade this summer or before the next season starts, from what I’m hearing."

Not so fast, says HoopsWorld's Kennedy. "If Dwight Howard leaves Orlando, I would extremely surprised if he goes to New Jersey. I have no idea where that is coming from and I’ve been told by sources very close to the situation that the idea of playing in Los Angeles has always appealed to Howard. New York is also an option," meaning the Knicks.