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Kirilenko Says He Prefers Utah But Calls the Nets "Very Interesting"

A lot of people in New Jersey, Utah and Moscow think that Andrei Kirilenko will be playing for Mikhail Prokhorov next season, but AK-47 says he would rather stay in Salt Lake City, where he's played for 10 years and is the Jazz' last link to Karl Malone and John Stockton.

The rationale for him joining the Nets is easy to recount: He's one of two Russian players in the NBA; Prokhorov consulted Kirilenko before he bought the Nets; and four years ago, after he led Team Russia to the European championship, Prokhorov tried to buy out Kirilenko's contract with the Jazz so he could return to his roots at CSKA Moscow.  Not to mention he and Deron Williams were teammates for six years with the Jazz.

Now 30, Kirilenko has kids in school, his wife has a business and he has memories. "You know, so many good memories here. You know, 10 years, you don't want to throw it out so quick. I'm definitely not looking for the money. I think I've got enough."  Then again, asked about the Nets and Prokhorov, AK-47 called them "very interesting."