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Although "Satisfied" With What They Did, Expect Nets To Be Aggressive

Mikhail Prokhorov said he was "satisfied" with the Nets season, joking "The Nets have won twice as many games this season compared to the last one. At that rate, in two years we'll have broken every record in the league!" That's where the jokes end. Prokhorov expects the Nets to get better very soon, starting with an aggressive off-season.

We already know Billy King and Deron Williams regularly text on the value of certain players; Williams has promised to recruit free agents; and that the Nets have assigned a "high priority" in Avery Johnson's words to re-signing Kris Humphries who wants to be back. There's no doubt they'd like to move Travis Outlaw although that will be tough.

Might they go for Dwight Howard, convincing the Magic he's likely to leave Orlando anyway? Maybe, but that's probably going to wait a year. And depending on what the new CBA looks like, The Nets may have to decide this summer how much they want to pay Brook Lopez starting next summer.  And even though key players are opting out of the draft, the Nets still prepare for June 23. They'll have two picks between #26 and #36.