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Nets (Quietly) Unveil Lounge Designs

Barclays Center
Barclays Center

The Nets have quietly unveiled the designs for four of the planned six lounges at Barclays Center.  The designs are part of the upgraded Barclays Center website but are not identified by name or located on the arena floor plan.

The four are the Legends Lounge, on the concourse level behind basket that will overlooks the court; the North and South lounges, similar to the Fire and Ice lounges at Prudential Center; and the fourth, the high-end Courtside Club, which will be enclosed but located, as its name implies, at courtside.

The lounges, like several at Prudential and other arenas, will have limited access. The arena will also feature a "signature restaurant", which will be located on the lower suite level with views overlooking Flatbush Avenue and the arena bowl.