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Nets' Draft Workout Details Set

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The Nets will host a mass workout for draft prospects the weekend of May 7-8 as a way of helping college underclassmen get around an NCAA rule requiring a go or no go decision by that weekend. Although only underclassmen are effected by the rule, the workout at PNY Center is open to all.

Sam Amick of reports the workout, which will be run by the Nets, Knicks and Rockets, will feature 40 prospects overall with all 30 NBA teams expected to attend. Unlike other workouts in the past, this one will include 5-on-5 scrimmages as well as the usual measurements and interviews.

The workout was reportedly the idea of the Nets front office which wanted to help teams and underclassmen connect before the NCAA deadline of May 8.

Underclassmen must decide by that date whether they will declare for the draft of lose their remaining eligibility. The Nets precise position in the draft will be decided at a drawing Friday afternoon. Depending on the outcome, the Nets could pick at #26 or #27 in the first round and #35 or #36 in the second.