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D-Will: "I Like the Organization a Lot"; Open to Extension This Summer

As Fred Kerber writes, "There’s hope, Nets fans".

In talking to reporters as he and teammates cleaned out their lockers, Deron Williams said he is open to signing an extension this summer, rather than waiting to see how things work out next season.

"I like the organization a lot,’’ said Williams. "I like the direction it’s going. I could definitely see myself staying here.’’ He added that he'd prefer to get things done sooner rather than later. "I would like to not have the distraction (of looming free agency) during the season,’’ he said. Williams and his wife, Amy, have been house-hunting in the area.

Both Kris Humphries and Sasha Vujacic said they'd like to return and credited the organization for their desire. Vujacic also credited Nets fans. "I felt like at home, especially our fans they were tremendous even though our record wasn’t the best."