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Discarding the Past, Invested in the Future, the Nets Move On

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Dave D'Alessandro stopped covering the Nets (full-time) a year ago. So he can put things in perspective better than most. He notes at season's end in 2010...

The Nets were resting in a 12-70 ditch; Rod Thorn was plotting his exit strategy; the coach’s office was vacant; they had grown used to playing in front of a yawning chorus of 2,000 people in East Rutherford; their most promising building block was a misfit named Terrence Williams; they were resting most of their summer hopes on John Wall and LeBron James; the Board of Governors had yet to approve of an ownership transfer; there were still condos on Pacific Street standing in the arena footprint in Flatbush, and most of us had long concluded that — oh, dear diary — the last spark of divinity had been extinguished forever.

Now, at least there is hope, starting with Deron Williams and his increasing investment in the team, as described by Billy King. Among the names the two may have spoken about is C.J. Miles who told Utah reporters he and Williams have spoken about playing together, but joked there's been "no recruiting". Jazz hold a $3.7 million team option on Miles.