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At Last Shootaround, Avery Says Nets Are Where He Thought They'd Be

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Unlike last season, Nets players will return to New Jersey Wednesday night for exit interviews with Billy King and Avery Johnson Thursday morning.  That's one improvement over last season where players were permitted to scatter after a double overtime loss to the Heat...and a 12-70 season.  But Johnson gave reporters an overall summary at the team's last shootaround.

"From a win-loss standpoint, we’re in the ballpark," Johnson said. "Based on our talent level, experience, we’re in that ballpark. I think if you look at where we were – the projections on our team for this season - it’s about in that range."

Johnson did say he thought the team exceeded expectations in their professionalism and practice habits, seemingly taking a shot at Terrence Williams when he talked about some "blurs" in that category.  As for the Bulls game, Damion James will suit up but is unlikely to play. Johnson did say James will not need additional surgery on his foot.