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Kim Moving To Be Close to Kris

File this one under celebrity gossip, free agency or both, but Kim Kardashian says she is moving to New York to be close to Kris Humphries. The reality star tells US Weekly that she plans on moving by October to be close to Humphries. "It's the next normal step," Kardashian says. "LA will always be my home, but it's about time I look in New York, too." Kardashian's pals expect an engagement "this summer."

Humphries is a free agent "this summer" as well. He's said he wants to stay a Net.

Meanwhile, Life and Style breathlessly reports, "In fact, the couple are already talking engagement rings, wedding plans -- and even what they'll name their children!" 

How big of a deal is this? The Nets marketing types are forwarding the news around. (Maybe we can arrange for "Loud and Proud" to get a section at the reception.  On second thought...)