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Carrino's Calling Is His Biggest Call

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

As Dave D'Alessandro writes, daily tasks for Chris Carrino (i.e., tying a tie) are getting more challenging, and he dreads the sight of stairs.  Tim Capstraw, his buddy in the booth and out, carries his bags.  His muscular dystrophy is progressing, just as his doctor told him it would back when he was 23, 17 years ago.

Carrino, who has been the Nets' radio voice for a decade, has now set up a foundation, the Chris Carrino Foundation, to help find a cure for the form of muscular dystrophy that has affected him, FSHD.

"I can’t do anything for myself medically, but it’s time to throw my hat in the ring here," Carrino said. "I’ve come further than I want to believe, but now I have to try to help other people and see what can be done."