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Power Rankings: Over and Out

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The last power rankings of the season are out and unlike last season when the Nets were winning and avoiding a record for futility, this season they're limping toward the end.

John Schuhmann, along with stats guy Jeff Sagarin, are the most merciful, putting the Nets at #26.  He looks forward. "With their star point guard (who's having surgery on Monday) on board but needing help, the Nets can't wait to go free agent shopping, or perhaps use their cap space on a trade or two. They desperately need defense and athleticism at the forward positions, just like they have for the last three years."

Marc Stein has them all the way down at #29. He looks backward. "Prokhorov got his star in the end, but the finish to his first full season in charge -- losing game after game to sweeten Utah's pick with D-Will and Hump sidelined -- is almost as torturous as the months spent chasing Melo."  John Hollinger, who basically predicted the Nets' record, has them at #28.