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Nets' Brooklyn Outreach Steps Up

Brook Lopez was in Bushwick this week for a basketball clinic where he shot hoops, signed autographs, and posed for pictures with about 50 students at the high school. 

Jordan Farmar will do the same for 100 students at John J. Pershing Intermediate School Thursday as part of a locally sponsored health and fitness program.

Brooklyn outreach is on the rise.

Lopez apparently got a look at the Barclays Center construction recently because he told NBC New York, "It looks great, it looks fantastic and it’s very exciting to hear that it’s on time.  Being that Brooklyn will be our home in a few years, it’s nice to get out here whenever I can."

The team has focused much of its community outreach and charity in Brooklyn, reports NBC New York, including a Christmas gift giveaway at Brooklyn Borough Hall in December.  They plan for more player appearances in schools in the coming months.  "We want to get into the heart of Brooklyn," said Nets spokesman Brad Aikins said. "This is going to be the place we’re calling home soon."

Not everyone is convinced. By a show of hands, no one intended to switch allegiances from the Knicks.