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NetsDaily FanPost Rules

We encourage you to make FanPosts. It's one of the great features of the SB Nation community. But FanPosts have much stricter requirements than standard comments.

Please take not of the following rules regarding FanPosts, and note that FanPosts that don't abide by the rules will be removed.

1. FanPosts should only be used for new topics. Do not make a new FanPost when there's an existing FanPost or existing story in the main area of the site with the same subject matter. Please just add your thoughts to the existing post. There's never a need for more than one discussion about the same topic.

2. FanPosts are for longer, more thought-out (or more researched) commentary. They shouldn't take just a minute or two to post.

3. FanPosts must meet a certain quality standard. They can't have multiple spelling, punctuation or capitalization errors.

4. FanPosts are not for links to external sites, unless the link is accompanied by commentary that abides by Rules 1-3. If you're just linking to an article, video, etc. with a short comment, post it as a FanShot.

The above rules may seem strict, but they have a purpose. Adding new FanPosts that aren't original topics or didn't take a lot of time and energy to write just pushes other FanPosts off the front page, while not adding much value. That's unfair to those that have taken the time an energy to write a quality FanPost.

If your FanPost is removed, you will be notified. Posting one or two FanPosts that don't meet the above guidelines is not a big deal, but if you continue to disregard the rules, you are subject to being banned from NetsDaily.

Please also refer to our general site guidelines and, as always, send us an e-mail if you have any questions or comments.