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Jazz Happy With Favors' Potential

Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor didn't sound defensive talking to Fred Kerber Monday ...although the questions he took might have given him second thoughts.  They started with, Couldn't the Jazz have gotten more for their two-time All-NBA and All-Star point guard?  "I’d like to hear who those teams are and I’d like them to call me," O'Connor said with a bit of impatience..

O'Connor also professes that the Jazz didn't get short-changed and points to Derrick Favors as the main reason why. "Now, he’s got a lot of learning to do and that’s one of the things we thought. Size it’s like pitching. You can never have enough starting pitching. That was a consideration." But he also admitted, trading his franchise player was "difficult."

For Favors, the trade was also difficult.  He told Kerber he felt the Nets never saw him in their long term plans, that he was drafted to be traded.  Meanwhile, Devin Harris, who had a horrible shooting night in the Knicks' blowout over the Jazz, said the Net season was a "lost cause" from the beginning "because at that point, everybody is spending every day looking over their shoulder."

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