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Power Rankings: Not Impressed

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John Schuhmann and Marc Stein aren't that impressed with the Nets' new found success.  After all, they note, their two wins came against one of the five teams with a worse record. 

"If only the Nets could play all their games in London," writes Schuhmann, who kept them at #25. "...or against the Raptors' defense. They played four overtimes on two different continents last week and would have their first three-game winning streak in more than two years if Kris Humphries' tip-in against Phoenix came a fraction of a second earlier."

Stein is a little kinder, moving them from #24 to #23.He writes, "Two overseas wins over the Raps aren't going to net much global recognition, but Prokhorov and Co. did see the Brook Lopez of their dreams in London: 32 points, 14 boards and eight blocks in Saturday's triple-OT win."

Meanwhile, the two stats guys, John Hollinger and Jeff Sagarin, don't have much different views, with Hollinger dropping them to #27 and Sagarin keeping them at #25.