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Prokhorov, D-Will Met Before 3OT

Mikhail Prokhorov and the player he's said he'll make "king of the world, the first really global basketball player" met prior to the Nets-Raptors triple overtime game in London Saturday.  It was the second meeting between the Nets' owner and Deron Williams. The day after the trade, Prokhorov interrupted his vacation in British Columbia and flew to San Antonio to watch Williams play, then meet with him afterward in a suite at the AT&T Center.

"We only had a 10-minute chat after the game and he was really tired," Prokhorov said Friday, adding that he wanted the London meeting to be "a more substantial meeting, for a global discussion."  On his Facebook page, Williams said he learned a lot about the Nets' plans for Brooklyn during Brett Yormark's Power Point presentation to Barclays Capital staff Friday afternoon. "Believe it or not, I actually got a chance to hear about the new arena, sounds cool," he wrote.