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Yormark Rolls Out "Brooklyn" Nets; Lopez, Hump to Tour Site Monday

Mike BTB - Brooklyn Trolley Blogger
Mike BTB - Brooklyn Trolley Blogger

Brett Yormark won't commit to "Brooklyn Nets" as a name for the team when the clock strikes 2012. But as he told Even Roberts and Joe Benigno he "kinda likes the ring" of it...and the Barclays Center website's renderings of the court show "Brooklyn Nets" emblazoned at each end. One thing he is committing to is a roll-out of Brooklyn as the Nets destination. Yormark told NetsDaily Wednesday he expects major arena news every 30 days from here on out.

It's all part of what he calls a "visualization" process for the arena, bringing reporters and others out to the construction site to show the extent of progress. This week it was NY1 visiting the site. Last week, it was The Record.

Wednesday's ticket sales announcement was this month's big news item.  Then, on Monday, there will be two events featuring Nets players. The team will unveil a Deron Williams billboard with a Brooklyn theme at Times Square and at 3:15 p.m., Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries will tour the construction site, with Yormark as their guide.