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Game 61 - Nets vs. Raptors - Friday, March 4, 3:00

Beyond the cheerio, pip, pip and all the other tommy rot associated with the locale, this is an important game for the Nets. They are 0-3 with the new face of the franchise on the court and haven't won an Atlantic Division game this season, losing nine straight.  Then there is the issue of six straight losses, the second longest streak in the NBA.

And if they lose, they will be the first NBA team to lose regular season games on three continents, having lost two games to the Magic in Japan at the opening of the 1996-97 season. 

Toronto isn't much better--one game better in the standings, 3-7 over the last 10 and 10 straight losses on the road. And with the Nets as home team both games, they are on the road. But on Tuesday, they beat the Hornets in Toronto with Jose Calderon going for 22 points and 16 boards.  Jay Triano, the Raptors' coach, admits he doesn't like the idea of picking up and traveling 3,000 miles to London, but Jay it's only a half hour longer trip than L.A.