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D-Will: So Far, So Good

Sekou Smith of talked to Deron Williams in London about how it's going so far with the Nets. It's all good.

"Everybody’s been great, the team has been great, the coaching staff has been great," Williams told Smith. "The whole coaching staff has been great, making my experience great so far."

Moreover, says Williams, he plans on being very active in making the team better.

"I’m going to have to [turn into a recruiter]," Williams said. "I tried to do it in Utah. But it’s tough. It was a tough situation. You’ve got to do it. Guys have to want to play with you and hopefully they will. And I’m going to try and recruit some guys to come here and help."

Finally, he plans to meet with Mikhail Prokhorov in London and then Jay-Z back in the states.