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D-Will: Wrist Feels "Really Good" But Only "Half-Circling" Return vs. NYK

Deron Williams went through the non-contact part of practice on Monday but won't play Tuesday even though his wrist  feels "really good right now". 

As for the nationally televised game (ESPN) vs. the Knicks on Wednesday, he's only "half circling" it for his return to action. Avery Johnson says there's no pressure on D-Will to play.

Williams told beat reporters he wishes he would have sat out earlier – when he was with the Jazz. "It probably would have been good now," Williams said. "But I was in Utah, we thought we were making a playoff push."

Meanwhile, Avery Johnson and Brook Lopez had a one-on-one in the coach's office to discuss his tough stretch of games. "I think confidence might have been an issue," Lopez said. "Shots just weren’t falling as easily, even in Cleveland they weren’t going in."