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Power Rankings: Nets Flatlining

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The Nets are making do without Deron Williams at least until Wednesday when they show up at the "House That 'Melo Wrecked". With one of the NBA's youngest starting lineups, the Nets are having a hard time closing out games or running back-to-backs.  All that is reflected in this week's power rankings. 

John Schuhmann mercifully keeps them at #24, but adds another brutal Brook Lopez stat to the mix. "Lopez sent Wednesday's win in Cleveland to OT with a big tip-in of his own miss. He then had two total rebounds over his next 70:17."

Marc Stein is less kind.  He drops them two places to #26 but conversely says something nice about Kris Humphries for the third straight week: "An entry from Kris Humphries' life-changing season -- he's at 14.1 rpg since the All-Star break."

Stats guys John Hollinger and Jeff Sagarin let the numbers tell the story. Hollinger puts the Nets at #27...and why not? Sagarin splits the difference and puts them at #25.  Speaking of numbers, if the NBA season ended today, the Nets would be picking at #28 and #36 in the draft.