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Williams: NBA Is "Tough Business"

In a discussion of basketball as a business, Deron Williams doesn't delve into his situation with the Nets but talks about the business of basketball affects everything: when to sit, when to play; the value of veterans; the perception of a player and a team immediately after a trade and doing the right thing at contract time...and how an injury can change everything.

In talking about trades, he tells SLAM's Tracy Weissenberg, "It’s just a tough business. It’s a tough, tough, tough business; tough situations that both sides are put in. Players are put in bad situations, owners and ownership and management are put in bad situations at times and you just have to deal with it."

He also spoke about how David West did the right thing by not pushing a trade, not emphasizing his contract situation and how now, after tearing his ACL, he's in a tough situation. "I’m a big fan of David West, he has a great game, and hopefully he can just get back. He’s still got another year on his contract now."