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D-Will: Ready for His Star Turn?

Stefan Bondy's lengthy profile of Deron Williams will be pored over for quotes about whether he's going to stay or go after next season. There are predictable comments about how he can't predict what will happen, promises that he'll try to recruit stars for Brooklyn and appreciations for everything the Nets have done for far.

But beyond the Nets, the profile is worth reading for its insight into who Williams is: family man and father; son; Christian; leader and someone who's willing to forgive if not forget.  How he'll take to being Mikhail Prokhorov's global star is going to be an interesting to watch. He seems to enjoy the exposure, posing for the giant billboard that's going up in Times Square but he also longs for the small things a family can bring. 

But even if he doesn't fit the mold of an NBA star, that doesn't mean he'll step back from a challenge.  Asked if he wants to play vs. the Knicks on Wednesday, D-WIll replied, “I think it matters to everybody. It’s a big game, period. Just because it’s the Knicks — there’s a lot of animosity between ownerships and some things going back and forth. So it’d be a fun game to be a part of, I would think.”