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Despite Long Season, Injuries, Optimism Abounds in Front Office

There's a lot to be pessimistic about right now. Nets fans understand they aren't likely to see the real Deron Williams till next October  when his wrist will be rested unless of course there's a lockout.  A season long lockout would mean the Nets will play their last game in New Jersey on April 11. Sundiata Gaines has a fractured hip. Damion James' foot is still hurt. Woe is us.

But to borrow a '60s phrase, been down so long it looks like up to me. The Nets do have Williams, sore wrist and all, and the team's season-long goals of a getting a superstar and developing some new young talent seem to have been met. Not to mention Mikhail Prokhorov and Brooklyn buzz.  Billy King isn't just optimistic, he's more optimistic.

"I was optimistic at first because I just felt that what we were doing and where we were headed in the future was great," King told HoopsWorld. "But now having Deron, it helps because other people will see what we're doing. Having a great point guard means that a lot of people want to play with him."