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Morrow Adding "D" To Skillset

Alex Raskin talks with Anthony Morrow about his desire to be a better defensive player than John Hollinger said he was last summer. Holllinger put Morrow on his "short list" of top shooters, but also called him a "very poor defender."  Hollinger wasn't alone and the assessment stung the 25-year-old with the beautiful stroke.

"I took the challenge at the beginning so that's something I want to continue to take as a challenge," Morrow told Raskin.  Of Avery Johnson's defensive methods, he said. "He talks about it, but all of our coaches talk about it."

Numbers show Morrow's dedication to "D" is paying off, particularly at small forward.Opposing small forwards have just a 13.4 Player Efficiency Rating against Morrow, according to That is almost two full points below the league average and 10.2 points below Morrow's own PER at small forward.