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A Month Later, Who Are Winners and Losers in Trade Deadline Deals?

All four teams that remade themselves at the trade deadline were in action Wednesday night ...with mixed results.

The Nuggets and Nets won, beating the best and worst teams in the NBA. The Knicks and Jazz lost again and are reeling, the Knicks under .500 and the Jazz at the even mark.

So here's how things shape up a month after the deadline. Surprise: the Nuggets are 11-4 and could be on their way to 50 wins. The Knicks are 7-10 and being hammered by the New York media for giving up too much. The Nets are 6-7 and concerned about their point guard's health. The Jazz are 5-10 and looking forward to having two picks in the lottery.

Is that likely to be the final judgment? The Nuggets as big winners, the Nets as worried winners, the Jazz as future winners and the Knicks as the big losers in spite of having two, count 'em, perennial All-Stars? Nope, writes Al Iannazzone. He has one word for fans of all four teams: relax. It's simply too early to tell.