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Game 70 - Nets @ Cavaliers - Wednesday, March 23, 7:00

It looks like the Cavaliers are going to make NBA history this season, unless they go on a winning streak.  They will be the first team to ever go from best regular season record to the worst.  Right now, they have 13 wins, four fewer than the Kings and Timberwolves. So, warning to the Nets, desperate men do desperate things.

The Nets of course have blown big leads in the last two games and no one wants to lose to the league's worst team.  Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries, the only survivors from 12-70, certainly recall that. So, the Nets hope to avoid a similar fate and a fifth straight loss Wednesday night despite playing without Deron Williams for a third consecutive game.

The Cavs are a team of negative superlatives. Cleveland has lost its last six home games and three straight overall following a 97-86 defeat to Orlando on Monday. Of the last ten, they've lost eight.  On other hand, Baron Davis has shown he can still play and J.J. Hickson and Daniel Gibson are young players worth watching.