Gary Sussman/Moving to Brooklyn

Hey guys,

I'm a new poster/fan/whatever you call it here. I've been a diehard Nets fan (from New York) since the Kidd days, and for the few months I have roamed around this site, it has been a great way to vent because a lot of you guys think just like me, and I pretty much always get a laugh when reading comments.

I would rather have my first fanpost not be a rant on something as minor as this, but I feel like it has to be mentioned. Gary Sussman. Who was the genius who hired this guy to be our PA Announcer? He speaks in monotone, and even when he's enthusiastic, he sounds so corny and his voice cracks. It honestly makes me cringe. Anthony MOOOORRRRRRROOOOOWW. I mean really? REALLY?

We had another guy a long time ago, and I just found out his name is Rick Zolzer. He wasn't that bad, and he actually brought some energy into the building, but he got fired.

Sussman also runs the press conferences, and he has his own blog. I don't mind all that, but can we please have a new PA guy for the games?

I can't bear to imagine us moving to Brooklyn, in the most expensive arena, and have him introduce the players with that weak voice.

Also, when we move, can we also change our music/soundtracks in games? Just the whole presentation of the Nets, it's so weak.

I feel like in order for Brooklyn to welcome the Nets, some of these things have to change. I mean, this was DWill's home dubut:

No offense to anyone who was there or anyone in New Jersey in general, but I honestly have never seen so many disinterested people together at once. This was one of the BIGGEST franchise moves, and that was the response?