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The Williams Effect: It's All Good

Let's face it. Nets fans have yet to see the real Deron Williams. That's too bad because even what he's given is so much better than what came before. Basketball Prospectus' Kevin Pelton writes Monday about what the numbers say about the Nets' improvement since D-Will showed up 

His wrist has indeed hurt his shooting. Williams is making just 28.6 percent of his 3s and 35.3 percent of his 2s -- far below his usual marks (34.5 percent and 51.1 percent, respectively, while in Utah this season), Pelton reports. But his teammates' numbers have improved...and not just Brook Lopez, but Damion James as well.

Another measure of improvement from Pelton is turnover rate.

"The Nets turned the ball over on 13.9 percent of their plays before adding Williams but just 11.8 percent with him, which would be the league's lowest mark for the full season," notes Pelton. Bottom line:  That has to make New Jersey think that "a healthy Williams can lead an above-average offense with some reinforcements added over the summer".