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Power Rankings: No Change

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The Nets last week featured a win over the Celtics and a loss to the Wizards so it is indeed fitting that they stay exactly where they were at the beginning of the all four power rankings.

John Schuhmann captures Net fans' mood swings: "The Nets capped a five-game streak with a big win over the Celtics, and Deron Williams was putting up big assist numbers, but with a sprained wrist, Williams wasn't really helping his new team that much. He's a minus-39 with the Nets and may stay that way if they shut him down for the season.

Marc Stein focuses on yet another stat from Kris Humphries remarkable season: "Another entry for Kris Humphries' life-changing season: 15 or more boards throughout the Nets' recent five-game win streak is a feat only one other active player has matched: KG ... way back in 2004-05.

Stats guys John Hollinger keeps the Nets at #26 while Jeff Sagarin has them at #25 again.