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Deron Williams Out at Least Three Games, Then Will Be Re-Evaluated

The word from Washington is that the Nets will hold Deron Williams out of the next three games (Sunday at Washington, Monday vs. Indiana and Wednesday at Cleveland) and reevaluate the situation after that. His earliest return would be Friday in Orlando, but it remains possible that he may be done for the season.

Talking about the three-game layoff, Williams told reporters that "It's not set in stone," and he doesn't know how much help the layoff will be.  "It's been a tough two months," said Williams, referring to how he's been frustrated by the strained flexor tendon. However, Williams added, unsolicited, “I think the future is bright here and that’s what everybody is looking forward to."

Before the game, Colin Stephenson tweeted "Avery Johnson said the team doesn't want to shut D-Will down for the season yet, in case he feels better and can play later."

"Deron did say there's 'a strong possibility' he could play again this season," Al Iannazzone added. Williams has been bothered by a sprained right wrist since he arrived in New Jersey from Utah.