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Nets Hinting on Brooklyn Logo?

US Patent & Trademark Office
US Patent & Trademark Office

Are the Nets hinting about what their new logo might look like with a filing at the US Patent and Trademark Office?  The team has quietly sought trademark protection on a logo that could be used for all manner of "clothing, footwear, basketball shoes, basketball sneakers, T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts," etc.

The logo for "BKLYN", a common abbreviation for Brooklyn, consists of the blue text "BKLYN", outlined in gray, and a basketball with the upper section in blue, the middle section in gray, and the lower section in red, the Nets current team colors. The type face is a modified Rockwell Extra Bold Italic. It was filed by New Jersey Basketball, the partnership that has long owned the team.  Previously, the team had sought protection on only the lettering.  Then, on February 11, the team amended its application to show the new logo.  (A group of Philadelphia lawyers has sought a trademark for "Brooklyn New Yorkers" last year but they have never been linked to the team and it has been roundly criticized.)

Meanwhile, a writer for CBS Sports suggest that the Nets take on the name of one of the most famous names in New York basketball history, The New York Renaissance, an African American team that played in Harlem.  The name, however, is already trademarked, as is Brooklyn Renaissance.